Illuminati Owls is a collection of 3,333 avatar NFTs on Avalanche blockchain.

The first NFT with profit sharing. Holders are the owners of the Owlverse...

Stake your Owl, earn $HOOT, Level Up and increase your equity.

Owl Types

Level Up

Staking your Owl will earn a set number of daily $HOOT rewards based on Owl Type. You can increase the daily $HOOT rewards by sending your Owl to Summer Camp to Level Up! Summer camp costs will be paid in $HOOT, which is then burned. Leveling Up your Owl will also increase your stake in the Owlverse and you will receive even more profit sharing.

There are 6 Levels of the Illuminati Owls

Climb the ranks of the Illuminati: Go from an Apprentice to Grand Master and unlock hidden utility in your Owl Nest.


Blue chip NFT airdrops

  • Floor Sweep blue chip NFTs and airdrop them to Owl holders 
  • $HOOT token will be the new requirement to qualify

Profit sharing

  • Owl holders are part owners of the “Owlverse” ecosystem
  • 33% of all future mints sales
  • 5.5% split up into 6 categories: 5 Owl Types and Level Ups


  • Stake your Owl earn $HOOT 
  • The amount earned will be based on Owl type
  • Level Up your Owl for increased staking rewards

$Hoot Token

  • Make desicions in the “Owlverse” with built in governance
  • $HOOT only NFTs and mints
  • $HOOT only auctions for 1 of 1 art
  • Raffles, Poker tournaments, merch and more

Level ups

  • Rise through the Illuminati ranks
  • Send your Owl to Summer Camp to Level Up
  • Go from an Apprentice to Grand Master

Owl nest

  • Store your Owl and Nest egg in this “Owlverse” space
  • Unlock hidden utility with the Master Key NFT

Join Our Family

Where holders are owners

The Illuminati Owl family is a 24/7 worldwide community.

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