Illuminati Owls is a collection of 3,333 avatar NFTs on Avalanche blockchain.

The first NFT with profit sharing. Holders are the owners of the Owlverse...

Stake your Owl, earn $HOOT, Level Up and increase your equity.

Owl Types

Level Up

Staking your Owl will earn a set number of daily $HOOT rewards based on Owl Type. You can increase the daily $HOOT rewards by sending your Owl to Summer Camp to Level Up! Summer camp costs will be paid in $HOOT, which is then burned. Leveling Up your Owl will also increase your stake in the Owlverse and you will receive even more profit sharing.

There are 6 Levels of the Illuminati Owls
Climb the ranks of the Illuminati: From Brown Owl to Apprentice, all the way to Grand Master and receive the Master Key which unlocks secrets to the Owlverse and hidden utility in the upcoming Owl Nest metaverse space.


Blue chip nft airdrops

Floor Sweep blue chip NFTs and airdrop them to Owl holders
$HOOT token will be the new requirement to qualify

Profit sharing

Owl holders are part owners of the "Owlverse" ecosystem
33% of all future mints sales
5.5% split up into 6 categories: 5 Owl Types and Level Ups


Stake your Owl earn $HOOT
The amount earned will be based on Owl type
Level Up your Owl for increased staking rewards

$Hoot Token

Make desicions in the "Owlverse" with built in governance
$HOOT only NFTs and mints
$HOOT only auctions for 1 of 1 art
Raffles, Paker tournaments, merch and more

Level ups

Rise through the illuminati ranks
Send your Owl to Summer Camp to LeveL Up
Go from an Apprentice to Grand Master

Owl nest

Store your Owl and Nest egg in this "Owlverse" space
Unlock your nests full potential with the 'Master Ket' NFT

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